State Minister for water and environment Uganda impressed by FINISH Mondial

Wednesday the 13th of February 2019 will be etched in the annals of Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA as the day when the organization hosted the State Minister for Water and Environment, Hon. Ronald Kibuule.

Hon. Kibuule’s visit to Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA arose from the Government’s recognition and interest in the organizations long lasting contribution to the Water, Sanitation and Agriculture sectors through implementation of a multitude of water, sanitation and hygiene programmes as well as agricultural programmes. As such, the organization had developed a partnership with Operation Wealth Creation Programme (OWC), which had awarded Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA a “Project to scale up water for Production” in the Albertine Region.

Having been introduced to the different Programmes under implementation by Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA, Hon Kibuule was highly impressed by the new FINISH Mondial Programme whose major focus was Sanitation improvement. He ably articulated the importance of sanitation to agriculture, health and wealth. He thus appreciated Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA’s integrated approach to development and pledged full support towards FINISH Mondial Programme. Even though FINISH Programme was still in its infant stages, the Minister was convinced of its success in increasing sanitation access, wealth and Health. He noted the need for its sustainability and thus pledged full government support. Hon. Kibuule pledged to come up with draft paper on the Diamond Approach[1], for sharing at the following cabinet sitting in which he would rally the support and eventual adoption by government as a technique to increase sanitation access and yet in turn contribute to progressions the country was taking to achieve wealth and health for its people.

The Minister’s visit to Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA has enhanced the organization visibility and prominence amongst other water, sanitation and agriculture actors within the country. This has thus well positioned the organization to ably lobby, advocate and collaborate with other sector players.

The Minister’s visit has greatly magnified FINISH Mondial’s awareness amongst key government officials in the country. All the dignitaries that attended this function are potential conduits or channels for spreading this important information about the FINISH Mondial Programme. FINISH was well appreciated by all present, and everybody pledged full support towards its implementation in their area of jurisdiction.

The Diamond an approach developed by WASTE Netherlands and being used under the FINISH Mondial Programme to bring together the four key players: Households, Private sector, Financial Institutions, and Government to deliver on sanitation.

There has been increased demand for extension of the coverage area for FINISH Mondial to cover more districts within the region as a result of increased popularity of the programme among different stakeholders.

Hon. Ronald Kibuule, the State Minister for Water and Environment addresses emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach for increasing access to sanitation, wealth and health  during the official Launch of the water for Production project to be implemented by Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA with support from Government of Uganda.

The Executive Director together with the Executive Programme Manager, Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA welcome/recieve Hon. Ronald Kibuule to HEWASA offices.

Hon. Ronald Kibuule, the state Minister for Water and Environment (Middle) poses for a photo with the staff of Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA, Area Members of Parliament and the Resident District  Commissioners.

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