Our FINISH Mondial Ethiopia team is participating in the National Water and Energy Exhibition, an ongoing month-long event held at the Addis Ababa Science Museum and organised by the Federal Ministry of Water & Energy in Ethiopia. This exhibition serves as a remarkable platform to address crucial issues related to hygiene and sanitation, potable water supply, and energy solutions in the country. Among the key highlights of the event is the focus on the monumental Grand Renaissance Nile Dam, a project of national significance. FINISH Mondial, in partnership with Bole Bible Baptist Church Childcare and Community Development (BBBC), is at the forefront of the exhibition showcasing its pioneering efforts in sanitation solutions.

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Event Overview:

The National Water and Energy Exhibition has garnered significant attention, both domestically and internationally, since its inception. It is a testament to the unwavering commitment and diligent efforts of the Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy. The event has attracted citizens from across the nation and international delegates, who have come together to witness and engage with this extraordinary endeavour.

FINISH Mondial and BBBC’s Role:

Within this exhibition, FINISH Mondial has taken center stage for its pioneering sanitation solutions, in collaboration with its valued partner, BBBC, which is an Ethiopian Resident Charity, registered with the Charities and Societies Agency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The innovative sanitation work showcased by FINISH Mondial/BBBC has been selected as one of the most creative and impactful initiatives presented at the event. These innovative solutions have been displayed to visitors from various segments of the population, including higher government officials, NGOs, UN agencies, private companies, and more.

Hygiene and Sanitation: A Key Focus:

One of the central themes of the exhibition is hygiene and sanitation. Visitors have been deeply moved by the exposition on this critical issue, leading to a common question reverberating among attendees – when and how will the transformative sanitation project led by FINISH Mondial/ BBBC reach their own regions? The exhibition has created a national dialogue on the pressing challenges faced by communities across Ethiopia in terms of sanitation.

Recognition and Awards:

BBBC has received notable recognition by The Ministry of Water & Energy with its second-place ranking in the 2023 Good Practice Award by Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA), an umbrella NGO. This recognition further underscores the innovative approach BBBC has taken in the field of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH).

On-Site Inspection:

To further validate the impact of BBBC’s innovative market-based sanitation approach, experts from the Ministry of Water & Energy visited project sites and conducted on-ground testing. Following these visits, experts made the decision to feature BBBC’s innovative approach at the 2023 National Water & Energy Exhibition.

Innovative Displays:

Although FINISH Mondial/BBBC had prepared banners and models of toilets for display, the national scale of the event meant that they could only present their work through a film-based display at their assigned booth. This film provides a comprehensive overview of the innovative market-based sanitation project, showcasing its impact and significance.

Expected Outcomes:

The National Water and Energy Exhibition is anticipated to yield several positive outcomes:

  1. Recognition: The innovative market-based sanitation work is gaining recognition at a national level, raising awareness about the importance of sanitation and hygiene.
  2. Scalability: The exhibition highlights the scalability of the improved market-based sanitation system in terms of numbers and geographical areas. It offers insights into practices and experiences that can be replicated elsewhere in the country.
  3. Cooperation Opportunities: The event has created opportunities for cooperation in consortia with other NGOs, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of WASH.

In conclusion, the National Water and Energy Exhibition is an exemplary platform that not only showcases groundbreaking solutions in the field of water, energy, and sanitation but also encourages dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders. It underscores the commitment of the Ethiopian government and organisations like FINISH Mondial and BBBC in addressing critical challenges and driving positive change in the country’s WASH sector. The exhibition promises to leave a lasting impact on the nation’s approach to water, energy, and sanitation.


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