People-centered growth through Capacity Building

The global communications team along with the in-country communications working groups met in a series of three capacity-building sessions. These sessions reflected on the importance of dedicated media and communications strategies in 3 dynamic focus areas.

Integrating Innovative Design Thinking

During the first session, we explored the idea of integrating innovative design thinking into our global communications strategy. The presentation for this workshop focused on how social media and design software plays an integral part in engaging communities in our initiatives. Along with that the session also emphasized what it means to create impactful documents that are transparent, relevant, and true to our cause.

Effective and Inclusive Storytelling

The second session focused on country-specific communication strategies, knowledge sharing, and other ongoing as well as future collaborations. These discussions were followed up by a presentation on storytelling techniques by Grace Okwisa the Learning and Documentation Officer in Kenya. Grace notably explained the importance of human-interest stories and how they can be used to create awareness for a cause and generate impact among readers.

Press Engagement and Print Media

The third session was conducted by Mr. Chander, who has over 35 years of work experience in the field of print media. He took us on his journey on press engagement and how it has helped FINISH Society accelerate its media presence in India. He provided the FINISH team with insights on how to create a presence as a non-profit organisation and provided an overview of various barriers he encountered on his journey, from breaking negative perceptions to circumventing bottlenecks by showcasing successes. The sessions were followed by a fruitful brainstorming session where we discussed ideas on how such an indirect approach can be implemented globally with the right research and by contextualizing global desires and needs.

By concentrating on actual experiences, the panel provided an opportunity for key themes, in a variety of different contexts to be discussed. From this, we tried to clarify both needs and the types of support required for improved capacity building in the context of strengthening our communications efforts globally.

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