Partnership for goals

It all started with winning a P4G State-of-the-Art Partnership award in the year 2020. P4G is a global platform pioneering green partnerships to deliver inclusive and sustainable growth. FINISH Mondial won this unique partnership award for its innovative public-private partnership scaling safe sanitation with multi-stakeholder approach that involves the supply and demand side of sanitation.

Post the receipt of award, FINISH Mondial applied for impact investment funding to P4G for providing catalytic grant funding which can be used to pilot innovative blended finance to scale access to safely managed sanitation, contributing to healthier, economically empowered communities in Ethiopia.

P4G provided the FINISH Mondial partnership with US $149,970 in catalytic grant funding to grow its proven Diamond model approach to improve access to safe sanitation to communities in Ethiopia. The model brings together key local stakeholders to work in partnership to overcome the barriers associated with scaling safe sanitation services. This includes onboarding communities willing to pay for improved sanitation, mobilizing financial institutions to create a sustainable sanitation and hygiene loan products, supporting entrepreneurs develop affordable and innovative sanitation options, and collaborating with the government to influence an enabling policy and regulatory environment. This will result in the financing of sanitation infrastructure in Ethiopia, while raising awareness and demand for sanitation services.

FINISH Mondial is set to become a €440 million sanitation program by 2025. It will create improved health outcomes for 10 million people. FINISH Mondial facilitates improved economic opportunity outcomes by creating the opportunity for sanitation businesses to grow. 2 million toilets create 20 million working days, equivalent to almost 77,000 full-time working years. This in turn increases household resilience. In the supply chain (raw material fabrication, transport, storage), local businesses are emerging or strengthened. The local availability of employment opportunities and income earning itself reinforces demand. Women are pivotal as they are often generating the demand as sanitation marketeers. Finally, the carbon and nutrients present in human waste will be recycled for safe use as agricultural inputs and/or in renewable energy.

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