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Greywater Recycling for Sustainable Small Scale Agriculture 

Meet Lillian Kusiima, Winner 3rd Place SanTech Hackathon 2022

Year over year, governments in low-income countries spend millions of euros in new construction of public and/or institutional sanitation facilities in places such as schools, hospitals and health centres, public markets etc. However, due to lack of regular maintenance and high operational costs, many end up being not used.

Lillian Kusiima designed a public toilet made of stainless steel with an automated flushing and floor cleaning system, boreholes for steady water supply and integrated IoT technology, all this powered by solar panels. It’s called the Kuzimba Toilet and it convinced the SanTech Hackathon jury in 2022.

Watch our short video clip or listen to the full-length interview with Lillian Kusiima (below) to learn more about this brilliant smart and sustainable public toilet!



Listen to the full-length interview with Lillian Kusiima:


Watch the full-length interview with Lillian Kusiima:

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