Let’s build toilets!

On the 8th of April, a collaboration of FINISH Mondial team members participated in the AfricaWorks! Conference. The FINISH session entitled, “Let’s build toilets!” was enthusiastically hosted by partners WASTE, Aqua for All and Amref Flying Doctors, with representatives such as Hanny Maas (Director, WASTE), Pamela Bundi (Country Coordinator, FINISH in Kenya) and Henock Asfaw Belete (Country Coordinator, FINISH in Ethiopia), taking centre stage to showcase the programme from their own experiences to the AfricaWorks! audience.

With the conference’s theme focused on ‘Building Future African Cities’, the FINISH model perfectly fit the more specific aim to “Connect African urbanization challenges to business opportunities for the private sector.” Both conference days had detailed focuses on water & sanitation, waste management and financing urban development. FINISH’s interactive workshop piqued the interest of attendees, attracting a very diverse audience spanning the continent, from Ethiopia to Nigeria as well as those working in the Dutch-African sector, all ranging from government delegations/ representatives to those in the NGO and financial sector. In line with FINISH’s goals, the conference aimed to nurture discussion about investments and infrastructure while highlighting inclusive development.

Participants really responded to their own place in FINISH’s Diamond Model[1], many offering their own unique perspectives on potential challenges that would have to be overcome in their own countries in which they operate, but also some dynamic propositions to continue strengthening partnerships and operations. We are excited to continue fostering new partnerships as well as share our successes as FINISH continues to scale and create remarkable impact in its next phase.

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