Grassroots Financial Institutions are Key for FINISH Mondial Tanzania’s Success: €460,000 in sanitation loans to date

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FINISH Mondial Tanzania started implementation in Serengeti District in July 2018. To date, FM Tanzania has promoted community uptake and the construction of improved toilets to nearly 4,000 households. This achievement has been realised through the active engagement of all Diamond components:

  • Active participation of a group of 35 trained masons;
  • A total of 38 community health workers (CHWs) deliver sanitation marketing;
  • Local government leaders back up the system through monitoring public health bylaws and regulations;
  • Grassroot Financial Institutions (GFIs) play a crucial role by issuing loans to its members for toilets construction. There are 32 GFIs known as Community Conservation Banks. Serengeti Teachers Saving and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) is the largest of all GFIs that are partnering with the FM team on accelerating loans for toilets construction. Loans issued by GFIs are valued at over € 460,000. Equity Bank has also shown interest to issue sanitation loans for toilet construction GFI members. To date, at least 350 individuals have opened accounts with Equity Bank of which 70% are women.

Including financial institutions in sanitation is still a challenge in Tanzania, but with their persistent and dedicated efforts, the FM team is breaking down the barriers to access for people who otherwise would not have been able to access the safely managed sanitation facilities!

Mr. Yohana Daniel is one of the masons who has received one of the largest orders for toilet construction (200 systems!) in his locality of Matare and Manyunyi. It costs Tzs 734,000 (equivalent to around €294) to construct one toilet, out of which he takes home around 20% for his income. The most preferred toilet systems by the low-income households he serves are Ventilated Improved Pits (VIP) and Leach Pits.

With the lessons learned and achievements realised in the Serengeti District, FM Tanzania plans to grow and expand its areas of operation and scope of work. In late 2019, a scoping exercise has been conducted in the regions of Mara and Mwanza. A total of 10 districts have been selected as expansion areas for the ambitious 2020-25 plans. Faecal Sludge Management has been integrated into FM Tanzania’s scope of work, with focus on establishing a circular economy of sanitation and waste management in Mwanza City. The goal is to have a co-composite unit under the public-private partnership with Mwanza Urban Water and Sanitation Authority. The technical assessment is due to be conducted in the coming months.

With the emerging global epidemic of COVID-19, FM Tanzania has been actively collaborating with the Serengeti District Government on designing and customising community awareness and information materials and training of CHWs. COVID-19 responses have been seen to largely emphasise something FINISH Mondial has been preaching for years: holistic and sustainable approaches to sanitation and hygiene are key for lasting, community-wide health improvements! Mr. Christopher Ndangala and Eng. Charles Luoga from the FINISH Mondial Tanzania team are members of the district COVID-19 awareness task force formed by the District Commissioner, working proudly to keep their communities safe every day.

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