FMK participated in the Water and Sanitation Investors Conference (WASIC) to showcase the programme’s blended financing model for access to Safely managed Water and Sanitation

FINISH Mondial participated in the Water and Sanitation Investors Conference (WASIC) held between March 6th-8th 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference’s theme this year was “Accelerating Investments for Sustainable Access to Water and Sanitation for All” bringing together investors with particular emphasis on Public Private Partnerships and blended financing for water and sanitation.

FINISH Mondial Kenya had an interactive booth showcasing the sanitation innovative approach and the programme’s impact through different toilet model displays and informative posters.  The booth garnered significant positive feedback from attendees.

Entrepreneurship, finance and digitalisation as the main focus of FINISH Mondial’s showcase

Entrepreneurship: FINISH Mondial Kenya fosters a network of sanitation entrepreneurs. By providing training and loan opportunities, they empower local individuals to become sanitation champions in their communities. This not only creates economic opportunities but also ensures a culturally sensitive and context-specific approach to sanitation solutions.

Finance: Recognising the financial barriers faced by communities and entrepreneurs, FINISH Mondial facilitates access to microloans and other financial instruments. This allows for the construction of sanitation facilities while ensuring affordability for end-users.

Digitalisation:  FINISH Mondial embraces digital tools for efficient monitoring and evaluation. This includes data collection on sanitation access and user feedback, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation of their initiatives.

Feedback from different partners that visited the booth

Visitors including Pim Van der  Male,  the First secretary, of Food Security and Water from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, government representatives, representatives from WASH enterprises, and individual sanitation entrepreneurs were impressed with FINISH Mondial Kenya’s focus on sustainability through the diamond model approach and the collaborations between different sanitation actors.

Collaborations across Kenya in the pipeline

The conference served as a springboard for further collaboration. Visitors, particularly representatives from WASH enterprises and government officials, expressed interest in replicating FINISH Mondial’s model in other regions. The programme will hold follow-up discussions to explore potential partnerships that can expand the reach and impact on creating a sanitation-secure future.

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