FINISH Mondial is excited to participate in the 10th World Water Forum, held from May 18-25, 2024, in Bali, Indonesia. On Wednesday, May 22, Valentin Post, our Director of Growth & Innovation, along with Pamela Bundi, Chair of our Financial Innovation Working Group and Kenya Country Coordinator, are engaging in a session focused on investment leverage. This session is held at the Holland Pavilion in collaboration with two other flagship programs of the Dutch Government, WaterWorX and Blue Deal.

On Thursday, May 23, Pamela Bundi and Valentin Post are discussing strategies for financing sanitation, together with representatives from GGGI Africa. They will explore a variety of funding sources, including climate financing and commercial investments from the private and financial sectors.

Our team is enthusiastic about connecting with fellow water enthusiasts, exchanging insights, collaborating on sustainable solutions, and contributing to the global dialogue on preserving our vital water resources. We invite you to connect with us during the forum to explore these vital topics further!

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