Christopher Ndangala: “It’s so rewarding to see that even the lower income quintile can gain access to safe sanitation”

Starting out as a pilot project in 2018, FINISH Mondial Tanzania has been growing rapidly. In the past five years, the programme managed to construct close to 30’000 safe sanitation systems in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the country. But the road to success hasn’t been without its bumps and challenges. We talk

Sanitation champion, Pius, develops local Serengeti market

Sanitation champion, Pius, develops local Serengeti market For Pius Zebedayo Zakayo, 43, who hails from Rwamchanga village, Manchira ward in Serengeti District, Tanzania, the construction of toilets under FINISH Mondial Tanzania has not only helped villages to live in a clean environment but has also helped create employment for people like him. “I’m now a professional mason. The training I got from the FINISH Mondial Tanzania programme has helped me construct toilets for many people,” he says.  Unlike the traditional

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