On November 9, 2023, at the All-Seasons Hotel in Jakarta, FINISH Mondial spearheaded a transformative roundtable discussion, paving the way for accelerated Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) access through micro-finance in Indonesia. This milestone event, organized by GWP-SEA and Water Stewardship Indonesia, showcased the power of collaboration in addressing the challenges and celebrating the successes of safe WASH in the country.

Special thanks to Water.org Indonesia, Safe Water Gardens, Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives (MICRA), and other stakeholders such as the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, PAMSIMAS, Koperasi Baik, Sinarmas, and many others who joined online.

💡 Micro-Finance as a Catalyst for WASH Access

The discussion highlighted the critical role of micro-finance in meeting the ambitious 2030 agenda of 100% universal access to WASH. Ms. Aisyah Nasution, representing the Directorate for Housing and Settlement (Ministry of National Development Planning/BAPPENAS), emphasized the need for innovative financing solutions to complement limited government funds. BAPPENAS welcomed FINISH Mondial’s plans to expand its impactful business in Indonesia, recognizing the potential to bridge financial gaps and accelerate progress.

🌍 Proven Models, Lasting Impact

Mr. Valentin Post, Director of Growth and Innovation at FINISH Mondial, shared the organization’s journey since its inception as a Public Private Partnership in 2008. The proven model developed between 2012 and 2018 showcased the power of micro-credit in creating jobs, fostering market share, and establishing a robust value chain ecosystem. The success stories from Asia and Africa demonstrate the potential of micro-finance to significantly increase safely managed sanitation.

🚀 Collaboration in Action

The roundtable continued with insights from Safe Water Gardens, Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives (MICRA), WATER.ORG Indonesia, Koperasi Baik, and SINARMAS. These organizations shared their experiences, challenges, and successes in leveraging micro-finance for WASH access. From community-led initiatives to collaborations with micro-credit providers, the discussion underscored the diverse strategies employed to make a tangible impact.

🌐 A Call to Action for Change

In the open discussion session, concerns and solutions were voiced, emphasizing the need for mindset shifts among micro-finance providers, private sector involvement, and innovative funding approaches. As we navigate challenges, it’s evident that collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a collective commitment are key to achieving our shared goal of safe WASH access for all Indonesians by 2030.

🙏 Gratitude and Looking Forward

A heartfelt thanks to all participants, partners, and contributors who made this insightful discussion possible. Together, let’s continue to pave the way for transformative change, ensuring that WASH access becomes a reality for every community in Indonesia.

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