Better Health, A Cleaner Home

By Elias Kazingoma and Marieke Kremer

Antony Manyerezu Mpandoji (54) is a pastoralist living in Misungwi, Tanzania. In the past, he and his family used an open pit covered with straw as a toilet. The situation was far from ideal: “It had no privacy, and there were always a lot of flies. On top of that, I had to rebuild it every year after the rainy season.”

54-year-old pastoralist Antony Manyerezu Mpandoji

When Antony learned from a community health worker about the opportunity to build a new toilet, he was interested but also a bit apprehensive. “I thought it was very expensive, and I did not know how I would be able to afford it.” But with help from a mason connected to FINISH Mondial, he was able to come up with an affordable construction plan. “I was excited to complete the new toilet and even happier when my wife was able to use the bathroom after she gave birth. It was so much more comfortable for her.”

The health benefits for the entire family were also notable. “Even minor fevers are rare now, and there are fewer flies around my house. In the end, it saves me money, since I don’t have to construct a new toilet every year or pay for my family’s medical treatments.”

Antony Manyerezu Mpandoji in front of his new improved toilet

The construction of the new toilet did not go unnoticed and inspired three of Antony’s neighbour’s to also opt for a safe and sustainable toilet, thereby spreading the improvements throughout the community.

‘Happy to See My Clients Satisfied’

Samweli Elias Manonga (43) works in construction and lives in the same village in Misungwi, Tanzania, as Antony. In early 2021, he was selected by the village committee to train as a mason with FINISH Mondial. His training focused on constructing improved toilets, after which he received toilet construction orders from villagers who consulted him directly or through community health workers.

The villagers appreciated his work and, as orders increased, he decided to train other fellow masons. To date, he employs five young men. “The knowledge of toilet construction helps me to earn more money and grow my business,” says Samweli. “Before, I only worked in the construction of houses, and these orders were few and far between. I’m also very happy to see my clients satisfied with their new toilets. Hopefully, we’ll continue to grow!”

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