A message from our COO Nouria Ouibrahim

Much has been said about the “3Ps” (people, planet, profit). FINISH can proudly claim that it makes a contribution to this paradigm with an emphasis on the first “P” through sanitation and financial inclusion. I have found an enthusiastic team that shares crucial core values. My my goal is to help this team achieve high efficiency to do more with less, ultimately reaching more people with safe sanitation. As mentioned last year, the un-invited COVID-19 guest will overstay and it looks like it will again well into 2022 and perhaps beyond. Our overall achievements were beyond expectation given these circumstances. Although some countries were more affected than others during this pandemic and struggled through different periods of political turmoil, we have witnessed how country teams have been able to adapt and turn uncertainty into opportunity. Next to implementation, the team is persistent in pursuit of innovation to improve systems and processes and contributes to the knowledge sharing. Furthermore, we have been working on setting up an innovative financial vehicle to attract commercial (institutional) investors to invest in local financial institutions to build their sanitation portfolios with our technical assistance. 

I’m proud to have joined the programme as COO this year. FINISH has high ambitions and clear goals to build healthier & socio-economically empowered communities. Stay tuned for more upcoming innovations and successes to celebrate with us. 

With warm regards,
Nouria Ouibrahim, COO FINISH Mondial (WASTE)

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